Bay to Breakers

If the race is one of your favorite hobbies, so the idea of crossing the San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean tempts you, if you enjoy the festive and original atmosphere and if you’re not afraid to see naked people walking on the street, the Bay to Breakers is to be missed!

What the Bay to Breakers?

The Bay to Breakers is a foot race held each year in San Francisco, the third Sunday of May. The term “Bay to Breakers” is a reference to the start and finish points of the race: the top is given to Embarcadero, the port of San Francisco Bay, and the finish line is in Ocean Beach, next to the Pacific ocean, where the waves crash on the rocks (hence the word Breakers). The stroke length is 7.46 miles (that is to say, 12.01 km) and lasts a maximum of 4 hours (8am to 12pm). This event is known for the many participants dressed and nude athletes!

Already the race is impressive, another part of the event was really cool. After the race, it was party time when most bars was open to accommodate people, but houses were open.
So for fan of after party it’s a really good experience

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