Top 10 places that I recommend

1 Golden Gate Bridges :

By far the best place I preferred to San Francisco. Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge in bike was fabulous. Many impressive views along the way. When you’re cycling you really realize the vastness of the bridge! The best was after the crossing when we ascend on the hill from which we could see the entire city of San Francisco. I highly recommend this tour to friends and family.

2 Alcatraz :

Alcatraz is one of the mysteries of San Francisco. Indeed, I had the chance to go there to visit the small island of Alcatraz. I decided to do the tour with a headset that was available in all languages. It was really a good experience, because I had the impression that one told me the story of Alcatraz, and the voices used and atmosphere are very realistic. The cells, bathrooms, hallways, the playground, visit every location. In particular, I was surprised to learn that people live on the island next to the prison.

3 Las Vegas :

You have to be honest, Las Vegas is a special cit;with party, gamble, games, music, alcohol, and many other things. I had the chance to go there for my birthday with my parents and my friends. So I had the opportunity to play at the casino, go clubbing, stay in a hotel or even rent a car to go to the Grand Canyon. A city of madness that must visit at least once in his life.

4 Lake Taho :

4 hours drive from San Francisco, Lake Tahoe is not just a lake, it is also a beautiful village with a welcoming charm.The first thing that surprised me, it was the beaches around the lake! I was not expecting that at all. Moreover, the vastness of the lake, indeed, for a tour that would take too long, so we remained generally south of Lake Tahoe seen from our hotel position.

5 Haight Street :

This particular street in San Francisco fascinates me. Hippies who wanders everywhere, singing and smiling, good restaurant throughout this street filled with vintage moose Store. For smokers, go to Puff, Puff, Pass, this is a really nice Smoke shop with welcoming staff and good products

6 Golden Gate Park :

Looking for a quiet place, a quiet place? Relax or just enjoy the landscape? Go to Golden Gate Park, this huge park will have enough to seduce you. I also recommend the planetarium of the park is really imrpessionnant and innovative.

7 Baker beach :

I liked especially Baker beach because it is a beautiful beach with a great view. I could make a beach football their with friends. I really had a good time

8 Napa Valley :

to be continu …..

9 Yousemity :

10 Twin Peaks :

The Twin Peaks, literally “twin peaks” are the two highest hills about 280 meters and located in San Francisco, California.
They represent the second highest point in the city after Mount Davidson. Twin Peaks Boulevard is the only road to the top of the hills, joining Christmas Tree Point on the north side, where parking and plaza offer a view of most of San Francisco and the bay.
One of the many reservoirs of the city is located north of the hills at the end of the Palo Alto Avenue.


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