Hi everyone !
I’m Thibaut. I’m a french student in international business school. I’m am from Reunion Island, a paradise for everyone like sun, good weather, and amazing landscape.
So thanks to my study, I have the opportunity to travel for 3 months in San Francisco. It’s my first time here , and being for a short time I am here to find out more things possible,  the right tricks and tips from San Francisco but also my experiences that have marked me. I decided to create this blog in order to keep good memories of my trip but also to share you because you can discover the territory through my blog. And maybe some of my topics will you useful 

Please feel free to contact me

By mail : marescal.thibaut@gmail.com

By Phone : +33626043370



If you want know more about me and my experience, here is my resume. It will be uptate at the end of my trip. And I hope with a lot of news experiences.