Bay to Breakers

If the race is one of your favorite hobbies, so the idea of crossing the San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean tempts you, if you enjoy the festive and original atmosphere and if you’re not afraid to see naked people walking on the street, the Bay to Breakers is to be missed!

What the Bay to Breakers?

The Bay to Breakers is a foot race held each year in San Francisco, the third Sunday of May. The term “Bay to Breakers” is a reference to the start and finish points of the race: the top is given to Embarcadero, the port of San Francisco Bay, and the finish line is in Ocean Beach, next to the Pacific ocean, where the waves crash on the rocks (hence the word Breakers). The stroke length is 7.46 miles (that is to say, 12.01 km) and lasts a maximum of 4 hours (8am to 12pm). This event is known for the many participants dressed and nude athletes!

Already the race is impressive, another part of the event was really cool. After the race, it was party time when most bars was open to accommodate people, but houses were open.
So for fan of after party it’s a really good experience

Top 10 places that I recommend

1 Golden Gate Bridges :

By far the best place I preferred to San Francisco. Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge in bike was fabulous. Many impressive views along the way. When you’re cycling you really realize the vastness of the bridge! The best was after the crossing when we ascend on the hill from which we could see the entire city of San Francisco. I highly recommend this tour to friends and family.

2 Alcatraz :

Alcatraz is one of the mysteries of San Francisco. Indeed, I had the chance to go there to visit the small island of Alcatraz. I decided to do the tour with a headset that was available in all languages. It was really a good experience, because I had the impression that one told me the story of Alcatraz, and the voices used and atmosphere are very realistic. The cells, bathrooms, hallways, the playground, visit every location. In particular, I was surprised to learn that people live on the island next to the prison.

3 Las Vegas :

You have to be honest, Las Vegas is a special cit;with party, gamble, games, music, alcohol, and many other things. I had the chance to go there for my birthday with my parents and my friends. So I had the opportunity to play at the casino, go clubbing, stay in a hotel or even rent a car to go to the Grand Canyon. A city of madness that must visit at least once in his life.

4 Lake Taho :

4 hours drive from San Francisco, Lake Tahoe is not just a lake, it is also a beautiful village with a welcoming charm.The first thing that surprised me, it was the beaches around the lake! I was not expecting that at all. Moreover, the vastness of the lake, indeed, for a tour that would take too long, so we remained generally south of Lake Tahoe seen from our hotel position.

5 Haight Street :

This particular street in San Francisco fascinates me. Hippies who wanders everywhere, singing and smiling, good restaurant throughout this street filled with vintage moose Store. For smokers, go to Puff, Puff, Pass, this is a really nice Smoke shop with welcoming staff and good products

6 Golden Gate Park :

Looking for a quiet place, a quiet place? Relax or just enjoy the landscape? Go to Golden Gate Park, this huge park will have enough to seduce you. I also recommend the planetarium of the park is really imrpessionnant and innovative.

7 Baker beach :

I liked especially Baker beach because it is a beautiful beach with a great view. I could make a beach football their with friends. I really had a good time

8 Napa Valley :

to be continu …..

9 Yousemity :

10 Twin Peaks :

The Twin Peaks, literally “twin peaks” are the two highest hills about 280 meters and located in San Francisco, California.
They represent the second highest point in the city after Mount Davidson. Twin Peaks Boulevard is the only road to the top of the hills, joining Christmas Tree Point on the north side, where parking and plaza offer a view of most of San Francisco and the bay.
One of the many reservoirs of the city is located north of the hills at the end of the Palo Alto Avenue.

Tips: How to navigate in San Francisco

From my personal experience I have had the opportunity to try several transport; taxi, uber, subway, cable car, car, bicycle and on foot. Most are accessible but some have advantages.
My favorite mode of transport was the Uber indeed it was a big advantage for me because this application offers a car pick one or more person with a place to take her where she wants. Price shopping is really cheap compared to a taxi. Knowing that we were a group of 4, it allowed us to divide the fare by 4 which becomes really profitable.
urban transport
San Francisco and the Bay Area (Bay Area) have a good public transport network. largely overseen by the MUNI (San Francisco Municipal Railway) – which, contrary to what its name suggests, does not support that trains but also in SF intramural, the cable car, buses, trolleybuses the municipal subway and historic tramway.
In addition, for long distance transport, we take the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), which serves the nearby cities and the extensive bus network serving virtually every community in the Bay Area.

– Buses and trolley buses other offer the most comprehensive service. Most buses stop at an intersection of two, some at each crossing. To request a stop, pull on the cable that runs along the windows.
– The urban metro, not to be confused with the BART, is fast and convenient to go directly to Mission, Castro, Lower Haight, Golden Gate Park or to Ocean Beach.
– The historic tram consists of old tram cars of the interwar period. It now has 2 lines. F connects the Embarcadero in Castro down Market Street, with passages every 5-10 minutes during the day. E extends its road along the Embarcadero to the Caltrain station.

The BART, the local RER, Comfortable, has 5 lines that serve good quarantine stations spread over an area 50 km south-west and east of the bay. It crosses underground downtown San Francisco through the middle of Market Street, and on to Mission and to the airport. In the opposite direction, it can easily win Oakland and Berkeley.

Pier 39 and FisherMan’s Wharf

The pier 39 is a place located in the East coast of San Francisco. I decided to write about this famous docks, as this was one of my first visits but especially because the atmosphere generated by this place is really nice.
This platform is divided into two parts, the first is a shopping center and a popular tourist attraction there are shops, very nice restaurants, Where you can appreciate a beautiful vieuw, a video arcade, street performances, the Aquarium of the Bay, virtual 3D wrinkles. If you need a place for a drink not too expensive or just have a meal, I suggest you especially the Chart House, which also offers guests a beautiful view of the landscape.

 On the other side the California sea lions hauled out on docks on Pier 39’s marina, it’s a special order things It was a good experience despite the smell. From the pier one can see Angel Island, Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge. It’s really amazing, to see all this landscape, PARTICULARLY the Alcatraz jail who is very impressive

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Good period to go to San Francisco

The best time to visit San Francisco is from September to November.


Fall in San Francisco


Fall in San Francisco is truly the best time of year for weather. Days are warm and sunny, sometimes blisteringly so, and nights are mild and clear. Rainfall is rare, the fog has cleared and the long warming process has reached its magnificent zenith, making September, October and early November the three best months to visit San Francisco.


Spring in San Francisco


March, April and May are some of the most inviting months to visit San Francisco. Characteristically cloudless and mild, some of the warmest and driest days of the year occur in San Francisco’s spring months, making San Francisco’s springtime noticeably free from the spring showers that moisten other parts of the United States.



Summer in San Francisco


San Francisco summers have scant in common with summers elsewhere. Marked by billowing white fog, the majestic product of sea spray, wind and Central Valley heat, San Francisco summers are characteristically overcast and cool, while the marine layer usually burns off by the afternoon. By late August, however, the fog thins and produces the iconic white finger of white pouring through the Golden Gate Bridge, rolling over Treasure Island and splaying against the Berkeley and Oakland hills, missing much of San Francisco altogether.


Winter in San Francisco


In February, 1887, four unexpected inches of snow fell on downtown San Francisco. An exception that occurred once in 1976 and hasn’t since, snow in San Francisco is rare, even in San Francisco’s coldest months of the year, December and January. Rain, on the other hand, is abundant and storms from the moist coasts of Mexico and Central America bring anything from light showers to torrential downpours from December through February. On the whole, San Francisco winters are mild compared to the rest of the country, and days between storms can be surprisingly crisp and sunny.


However, the fluctuating climate can quickly trounce a day at the beach. Those looking for the perfect seaside getaway should consider a trip to Los Angeles where the sunshine lasts year-round.

The Best Times to Visit San Francisco

While June, July and August typify summer in most of the Northern hemisphere, San Francisco (as in many areas) does not conform to expectations.

With an annual “Indian Summer,” September to November is the best time to visit San Francisco. Daily temperatures are at their highest across the peninsula, usually in the mid to high 60s, but often reaching into the 80s and 90s, and make for a sweltering downtown and a jam-packed Golden Gate Park. A smooth, glassy bay and hot blasts from the Central Valley combine to make fall temperatures in San Francisco the best. During these months, Ocean Beach and Baker Beach are dotted with bikini-clad San Franciscans slathered in oil and soaking the sun like Los Angelians. Nights are warm and lend to summer dresses and short-sleeved shirts, while the sky is clear and stars are bright.

Cable Car

My first tourist visit was the cable tour.

The San Francisco cable car system is the world’s last manually operated cable car system. An icon of San Francisco, the cable car system forms part of the intermodal urban transport network operated by the San Francisco Municipal Railway. Of the twenty-three lines established between 1873 and 1890, three remain (one of which combines parts of two earlier lines): two routes from downtown near Union Square to Fisherman’s Wharf, and a third route along California Street. While the cable cars are used to a certain extent by commuters, the vast majority of their 7 million annual passengers are tourists.


Why it was a good experience ?


It’s a very special things, you can eard the be

lls clang,and you see the cars groan as they go up and down the hills.

Every one in the car is enjoying the trip and feel very amazed about the landscape.  You see citizens, buildings, cars, but also large streets ,rising and descendants.

The train makes us travel in the most central district of san francisco… Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, Chinatown, North Beach, Union Square.

They can also take you on a journey of discovery into some of the city’s neighborhoods.

More information here

My arrival at San Francisco

Nice to meet you everyone,

My arrival at San Francisco was April,12 at the International San Francisco airport. When I arrived, I directly take a taxi, I was exaustive (11 hours of flight) . It was a flight during the day so I did’nt sleep a lot. My Friend Kévin and I , decide to rent  a shared room in a hotel at Union Square. This is a nice tips to rent a room near Union Square because we was living at the center of the city, and every comodities, shops, restaurant …etc. All was near our localisation.

The price of the rent room are expansive but you can find some solution

When I see the city and the SF landscape for my first time , I was intrigued by the geography of the city that is in small mountain, which is different in every way from my home country, which is the island of Reunion and Lyon.


Welcome to San Francisco.